Lamar Odom Parties With College Kids, Buys a Round for the Bar — Report
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Lamar Odom

Lamar Odom Parties With College Kids, Buys a Round for the Bar — Report

While visiting the University of Rhode Island, Lamar Odom decided to give back to his alma buying a round of shots for an entire off-campus bar. According to a TMZ report, the estranged husband of Khloe Kardashian and some of his buds stopped by the Narragansett, Rhode Island, establishment Charlie O’s Tavern for a good time on November 20.

The evening’s activities looked to involve more than reminiscing about college, however. A handful of cute co-eds stopped by with Lamar towering over the gaggle of fans in TMZ’s exclusive photo. The NBA player, who is currently in Rhode Island for pre-season training, is also said to have bought the whole bar a round of shots of Hennessy, which would be a generous gesture if, you know, Lamar wasn’t reportedly facing issues of addiction.

There is one piece of good news: Lamar is said to have bought the shots but didn’t indulge in the drinks himself. Maybe he could be around temptation and not give in? We hope so since he and Khloe are supposedly working hard to keep their four-year marriage together.

His Kardashian bride is currently abroad in the name of the family business and, while in London, shared some rather worrisome social media messages that may refer to her and Lamar’s rocky relationship. One of her musings — “Set your pride aside and learn to be honest with those who deserve honesty as if tomorrow wasn’t promised.” — is particularly troublesome and potentially topical. There are few things like Hennessy to make people all kinds of honest...

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