The Walking Dead Comic Book Editor on Favorite Character, Hardest Death, What He’d Change

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Comic Book Editor on Favorite Character, Hardest Death, What He’d Change

It has to be fun to be one of the first to read The Walking Dead comic books.

Sean Mackiewicz is editor for all of Skybound’s titles, which includes Robert Kirkman’s TWD series. Sean had a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) on June 17, and he was asked a few questions about the ongoing Walking Dead books.

*Comic book spoilers ahead!*

One fan noted that, as an editor, Sean must get immersed in the series he edits; which TWD character’s death was hardest for him to see play out? Sean answered, “It was from before I was editor, but Glenn. The length and intensity of that sequence... so much dread. And within a month I got the job offer from Skybound, so it all feels like part of the same thing.” In the comic books, Glenn dies in Issue 100, at the hands of Negan and his weapon-of-choice, Lucille.

Another fan asked about Sean’s favorite character, and what he would change in the Walking Dead comics. “I like what they did with Shane on the TV show, so that dynamic could've been played out further in the book. But his death gave that first arc a helluva finish, so I'm not inclined to mess with anything,” Sean said. “Favorite character... Jesus. He's got a certain je nais se quoi.”

Shane died back in Issue 6 in the comics, which is earlier in the story than his Season 2 death on TV. Robert Kirkman later said he considered having Shane live in the comics, with Rick Grimes dying in Issue 6 instead. Jesus, aka Paul Monroe, hasn’t appeared on TV yet. He shows up in Issue 91, as part of the Hilltop Colony, and he is still with Rick’s group in the latest volume, “A New Beginning” which jumps two years into the future after the “All Out War” volume with Negan and The Saviors.

Do you share Sean’s taste in characters — in terms of favorites, toughest to see die, and who maybe could’ve stuck around a bit longer before getting offed?

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres in October on AMC.

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