The Walking Dead Comic Book Spoilers: Is Magna the New Rick? Will She Find Negan?

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Comic Book Spoilers: Is Magna the New Rick? Will She Find Negan?

Warning: Walking Dead comic book spoilers ahead.

Back in The Walking Dead comic book Issue 70 — not too far ahead from where we are in the TV show timeline — Rick Grimes and company arrived at the Alexandria Safe-Zone. Aaron the recruiter told them leader Douglas Monroe would interview each member of the group. It took suspicious Rick and company a while to find their place in Alexandria — and the residents had their own issues — but Rick eventually became the leader, and engaged in an "All Out War" with Negan and his group, The Saviors.

TWD is now filming Season 5 and it's possible we'll see the Alexandria story introduced by the series finale. The comics, on the other hand, are now much further along in the story.

Fast-forward two years into the zombie apocalypse, and a new character named Magna has just led her small group into the Alexandria Safe-Zone. In comic book Issue 127, Rick told her he identified with her reluctance to take a leadership role, since he was the same way. In the new Issue 128, just released June 11, Andrea (still alive in the comics) interviewed Magna to learn about her past. At the end of the new issue, Magna told her group she’s suspicious about Alexandria, saying if something seems too good to be true, it usually is. “These people are hiding something... and we're going to find it."

A lot of fans have noted how Magna seems to be taking on Rick's old role, showing how Rick deals with someone in his own previous situation. It should be interesting to see how that turns out. One secret she has yet to learn is that Negan exists and has been locked up as a prisoner since the end of the war. What will happen when Magna meets Negan? Will she lose trust in Rick as a leader? Will Negan be able to spin the story any way he wants, or will Rick possibly get the jump on the situation and choose to tell Magna about Negan before her group can figure it out on their own?

We’ll get a little further into the story in the next issue, 129, which comes out on July 9. Do you think Magna’s group will find out about Negan and turn on Rick? Too obvious?

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres in October on AMC.

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