The Walking Dead: Comic Book Rick Grimes Gets Awesome New Statue — Check It Out

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead: Comic Book Rick Grimes Gets Awesome New Statue — Check It Out

Do you want a foot-tall statue of Rick Grimes blasting a zombie as he fights three others? Who wouldn’t?!

The Walking Dead fans are in luck, 'cause McFarlane Toys just produced a limited-edition cold-cast resin statue of comic book Rick (complete with missing hand) as he single-handedly fights a group of walkers.

Check out photos of the statue at McFarlane's site.

It's based on a rough sketch from TWD comic book writer Robert Kirkman, and Entertainment Weekly showed a copy of the sketch (which is indeed quite rough).

The result is the most detailed statue yet from McFarlane, and that's saying something. The statue stands around 12 inches tall and has a detailed 360-degree rotating display base.

It ships in October, but you know this puppy ain't cheap — it's listed on McFarlane's site for $295. It’s worth it, though, to show off on your desk during important meetings, or just to use as inspiration when you need to get out there and kick arse yourself. (Or you could just keep it on a shelf or protected in a special spot in the closet/attic.)

McFarlane always produces the most amazing TWD figures, as well as their unique walker creations for each limited edition of TWD on Blu-ray. Maybe next they’ll do a similar statue of TV show Rick, since not everyone reads the graphic novels and Andrew Lincoln has become iconic in his own right as AMC’s version of the character.

Would you buy one of these statues, or ask someone else to buy it for you?

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres in October on AMC.

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