The Walking Dead Comic Book Spoilers: Meet Mini Glenn!
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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Comic Book Spoilers: Meet Mini Glenn!

Spoiler alert! Major spoilers ahead from The Walking Dead comic books. Stop reading if you don’t want to jump waaaaay forward in time from the TV show.

Skybound just shared two new comic book covers for issues of The Walking Dead that will come out in October, right around the same time that the TV series premieres The Walking Dead Season 5.

The first cover, for Issue 132, shows Maggie Greene holding her son, giving us the first look at her child with the now late Glenn. (Baby Gleggie is adorable!)

As you probably know if you’re reading this, Glenn died at the hands of Negan’s BFF Lucille back in Issue 100. Maggie was pregnant at the time, and when “All Out War” ended, the story jumped two years into the future. Now we’re looking at “A New Beginning” and Mini Glenn — whose name might be Glenn Jr. or Hershel or really anything — should be around 2 years old. He must be older than Judith is on TV right now. (We can call him Little Ass Kicker Jr.)

The Walking Dead Comic Book Spoilers: Meet Mini Glenn!
Credit: Skybound    

Issue 132 will be released on October 8. The word "Happiness" is right at the top, and we can only hope it's not ironic or just the calm before the storm. (Since Issue 133 is labeled “Impending Doom,” it’s a safe bet things will turn ugly. But that’s always a safe bet in the ZA.)

Maggie is now the leader of Hilltop, and we have to assume Sophia is still with her and the baby, even if Carol's daughter didn't make the cover. (Sorry, girl!)

At this point on TV, Sophia is long gone, but Carol is still alive. Glenn is still alive too, and it's hard to know whether to hope he keeps his comic book death or not. They could always kill him before he meets Negan, which would be even worse. But it would be nice for him to be able to live, especially if the TV show follows the Maggie pregnancy storyline.

But that's so far down the road it’s almost not worth thinking about. Who knows how the TV show will look by then, since Scott Gimple has talked about the butterfly effect that all the book-to-TV changes have created. Still … a wall is now going up in Senoia, GA, creating what is expected to be the TV version of the Alexandria Safe-Zone. So if that’s coming, then a version of Mini Glenn may be coming a few seasons from now. Some comic fans are already speculating that Mini Glenn may (eventually) avenge OG Glenn’s death by taking down Negan. We’ll see.

The most recent TWD issue, 129, was just published on July 9. Issue 130 is coming on August 13. Head to Skybound for a look at more upcoming comic book covers.

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres in October on AMC.

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