The Walking Dead Comics Spoilers: “A New Beginning” Brings Big Time Jump, New Characters
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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Comics Spoilers: “A New Beginning” Brings Big Time Jump, New Characters

Warning: Major The Walking Dead comic book spoilers ahead!

Time is certainly marching on in The Walking Dead comic books. The TV show is currently filming Season 5, with what looks like little-to-no time jump (for a change) from the Season 4 finale to the Season 5 premiere.

At this point, the TV show is around Issues 57-64 of the comic book series. The comics, on the other hand, released Issue 127 today (May 14). The "All Out War" storyline between Rick Grimes and Negan's The Saviors was wrapped up in Issue 126, and "A New Beginning" just started, jumping ahead two full years from the previous volume. That’s the biggest time jump in the comic series to date.

Two years is a lot, especially considering Greg Nicotero said that they were about a year and a half into the zombie apocalypse by the middle of Season 4. Still, some fans thought the comic book story might jump ahead even further than two years, showing the younger characters all grown up. Not the case.

But we do have new characters, including a woman named Magna, leader of a small group that ends up joining the Alexandria Safe-Zone. Alexandra has also changed in the past two years, with new buildings and other updates. (We’re guessing the TV show may get to Alexandria by the Season 5 finale. But that’s just a guess.)

There are also drastic changes in how familiar characters look — including Rick, Carl and Paul Monroe/Jesus (who has yet to show up on TV). Negan, last seen being jailed instead of killed (which disappointed some fans), is still in jail. He's also been having daily chats with Carl, who is certainly growing up in every way.

It's an exciting semi-reboot for the comic books, and it will be interesting to see how they deal with it on the TV show. It may fit perfectly with the AMC series, since young actors like Chandler Riggs are already outpacing their characters in terms of growth. He's been playing Carl for four years now even if Carl is only supposed to have aged about two years by Season 5.

Issue 128 isn't coming out until June 11, but 127 gave fans a lot to work with, and so far the response seems to be very positive with lots of anticipation for what's to come. What do you think of the time jump and changes, and how might they affect the TV show?

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres in October on AMC.


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