The Walking Dead Comics: Zombies Back to Biggest Threat After Issue 127? (PHOTOS)

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Comics: Zombies Back to Biggest Threat After Issue 127? (PHOTOS)

Warning: Walking Dead comic book spoilers ahead.

The Walking Dead comic book storyline just jumped two years into the future with Issue 127, the first issue in the new volume, “A New Beginning,” which will cover 127-132. A lot has changed in the world, but it’s still the zombie apocalypse, and that’s being made very clear in the new covers.

The previous “All Out War” saga closely followed the human drama of Rick Grimes vs. Negan and The Saviors. But now maybe we’re back to basics with humans vs. walkers. In the past two years — the biggest time jump in the series to date — perhaps the walker population has skyrocketed, leaving humans even more outnumbered?

Issue 127, which was just released on May 14, shows new character Magna on the cover, in front of a bunch of walker hands. The cover for Issue 128 (see right), which comes out on June 11, also shows Magna with a walker in her face. (Plot teaser: "After all this time, she should be more prepared.")

Issue 129, which comes out on July 9, shows a human hand with a cane facing more walkers. ("Even now, they still find new ways to dispose of the dead.")

The Walking Dead Comics: Zombies Back to Biggest Threat After Issue 127? (PHOTOS)

The cover image for Issue 130, which comes out on August 11, was just released this week, showing two unknown male characters in the rain, hiding from a passing herd. (“There were whispers and I was afraid.”) speculated about the guys as possible new characters, or just changed characters from the past two years in Alexandria. They also noticed that walkers seem to be highlighted as the main threat of “A New Beginning,” for the first time in a while.

This was something the TV show addressed after Season 3 seemed to put walkers on the back burner, especially in the second half. Producer Gale Anne Hurd said they would amp up the threat of walkers in Season 4, stressing that walkers were not a manageable threat, and we saw how they pushed the fences at the prison (thanks in part to humans like Lizzie).

The TV show seems to be back in a human drama phase, with Rick vs. The Marauders and everyone stuck at Terminus, but Season 5 filming spoilers suggest that walkers will join the action in the new season. So they go back and forth with human and zombie drama in the comic books and on TV, and the books are apparently entering a more walker-centric phase.

Are you glad to see walkers featured front and center in the comic books? Do you hope the TV show also keeps an emphasis on zombies, or are you most excited for the human drama of Season 5?

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres in October on AMC.