5 Fun Ways to Commemorate Your Kid’s First Day at School
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5 Fun Ways to Commemorate Your Kid’s First Day at School

It’s that time of year again! We’re sending our kids back to school and, whether you’re the mother who’s cracking a bottle of champagne in celebration or the mom who’s lamenting that summer is nearly gone, it’s an emotionally charged time. It’s also one that we love to commemorate, as each passing year brings new and certainly exciting challenges for our kids. Before we know it, we’ll be sending them off to college (sniff), so we certainly want to make the most of these years while we can. Whether you’re a crafty Martha Stewart type or craft-challenged (like me!), there are fun and easy ways to mark this big occasion for you and your child. Here are five of them, but feel free to share your own!

1. Paging Supermom! No, literally Paging Supermom! Two wonderfully crafty Arizona moms came together to form this amazingly helpful “mommy” site. Head there and download their totally free (and totally awesome, btw) signs that you can use for great first day of school photo opps.

2. Have your child write a letter to himself or herself. If they are too young to do so, ask them some questions about how they feel and take notes as you do. Have them write a letter on the last day and compare the two notes. Better yet, do it each year and read them back before your child goes to college. Make sure to have a box of tissues handy!

5 Fun Ways to Commemorate Your Kid’s First Day at School
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3. Veteran teacher Corrina Allen came up with these adorbs (sorry, but that’s the only way to describe them) BINGO cards for the first day of school. She calls it the “Getting to Know You” BINGO game and, with entries like “Has read all the Harry Potter books,” “Has traveled outside the U.S.,” and “can do a magic trick,” it’s a great conversation starter. While this is more of an idea for a teacher, it can be something you can use on your own, or you can bounce the idea off your child’s teacher.

5 Fun Ways to Commemorate Your Kid’s First Day at School
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4. The crafty pinner from My Digital Creations came up with this simple and super cute idea to print out a note that reads “Good luck in Second Grade, Smartie Pants,” complete with some packs of smarties (which, I don’t know about you, but my boys love). Another idea? Use the old school candy “Chuckles,” and say something like, “Hope your first day at school brings you lots of Chuckles.” It’s a fun idea for their lunch box and/or a photo opp!

5 Fun Ways to Commemorate Your Kid’s First Day at School
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5. Also off Pinterest, a blog called Mimi's Dollhouse showed off this adorable chalkboard project for the first day of school. It’s cost effective, as you can use the same chalkboard each time, and if you keep this up every year, these photos will definitely be among your most treasured.

How do you commemorate your child’s first day of school? Tell us below!

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