This Common Baby Item May Be Dangerous — Is It in Your Baby’s Crib?
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This Common Baby Item May Be Dangerous — Is It in Your Baby’s Crib?

When you’re a new mom, you get paranoid about every little thing having to do with your baby and sleep. I remember frantically standing over my children’s cribs with a flashlight at 3 a.m., just trying to make sure that they were still breathing. Well, it turns out there’s something new to worry about, and it might be in your child’s crib right now.

Orem, Utah mom Sashleigh Hansen told KSL News that when she heard her 18-month-old son crying, she went to his room to check up on him as she usually does. When she got there, she realized to her horror that he was choking. The culprit? The stitching on one of his baby blankets had come loose, wrapping around his legs, arms, and neck.

The no-doubt frantic mom said, "I hurried and took it off around his neck first, and then I had to unwind it from everywhere else, too. It took a while to unwind. I thought, wow, kids really do move so much at night. It could have been wound a lot tighter."

Sashleigh said the blanket was brand new, so it never occurred to her that it could fray and come apart like that. "I've never thought of this as a hazard, I'm sure other moms haven't," she explained, adding, "It scared me. It could have been worse.”

The Consumer Product Safety Commision does warn that blankets should be examined carefully. You can find out more information here.

Source: KSL

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