Dancing With the Stars Compliment? Bulgarian Version Uses American Choreography! (VIDEOS)
Credit: Adam Taylor/ABC    

Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars Compliment? Bulgarian Version Uses American Choreography! (VIDEOS)

We all know Dancing With the Stars is an international phenomenon, and it's no surprise that sometimes the versions from other countries look to the U.S. smash hit for inspiration. But inspiration is one thing — what about taking an entire dance?

In a weird little story, it turns out that one couple from Dancing With the Stars Bulgaria used the choreography from the memorable Jazz routine that Sasha Farber choreographed for Snooki in Season 17.

You can see the Dancing With the Stars Bulgaria version here (starting around 2:15). You can compare it against Sasha and Snooki's dance below.

Of course, we don't speak Bulgarian, so it's totally possible that at some point they acknowledge where this choreography originally comes from. However, Sasha himself didn't know about it until he found out thanks to the internet.

That said, he's taking it in stride, tweeting, "So weird watching my whole routine from @DancingABC copied in another country! lol, I'll take that as a compliment."

It's definitely a compliment! We love this routine. Though we've got to say — maybe we're biased, but we think Sasha and Snooki did it way better. (Let's hope we can get Sasha back for Season 19 to get more fun choreography like this!)

As one of Sasha's Twitter followers pointed out, this isn't the only example of this happening. Here's another couple from an international version of the show using Maks and Meryl's swing. (Again, we think the original is better.)

What do you think of this: flattering, or weird? Let us know in the comments below!