Farrah Abraham Confirms Collagen Lip Injections
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Farrah Abraham

Farrah Abraham Confirms Collagen Lip Injections

Has anyone noticed that Farrah Abraham's lips have been slightly more kissable than usual? This world-famous backdoor Teen Mom loves nothing more than pumping her body full of plastic, and fans were convinced that she'd had collagen injections after she popped up in few photos with larger-than-life lips.

So, did Farrah plump up her kissers? You know it!

“I'm trying out collagen injections, something fun and it’s not permanent," Farrah recently revealed to Life & Style.

Hear that guys? She's just experimenting — kind of like we experimented with not eating pizza for an entire day. No big deal! And let's not forget that Farrah's no stranger to surgical enhancements. She's gone under the knife for all kinds of procedures, ranging from breast implants, to a nose job, to a chin implant (which she recently removed).

Who knows if Farrah will keep plumping up her lips, but one thing's for sure: her newly outed boyfriend, DJ Brian Dawe, probably can't resist smooching her! This dude clearly doesn't seem to mind that Farrah is 90 percent woman 10 percent silicone, so more power to her.

Do you like Farrah's lip injections, or do you think she should go back to her natural look?

Source: Life & Style