Kanye West To Press Charges Against Paparazzi (VIDEO)
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Kanye West

Kanye West To Press Charges Against Paparazzi (VIDEO)

UPDATE (1:58 p.m. PST):

Kanye West will be pressing charges against at least one of the photographers from earlier this morning, reports TMZ. The security footage from his home “shows at least one of the photogs trespassing on his private property,” sources “directly connected to Kanye” told TMZ.


Kanye West had another showdown with the paparazzi, but before we judge too harshly, here are the deets: It was 4 a.m. and he and Kim Kardashian were headed to the airport. Don’t know about you guys, but the only thing worse than waking up at 4 a.m. is to wake up and go through airport security.

So imagine how Kanye felt when he opened his front door to find cameras flashing right at him. That had to be disorienting on what little sleep we’re sure the new dad is getting. In the video, we see Kanye in his garage when the cameraman wishes him a good morning. “Shut the f—k up,” Kanye replies, clearly not a morning person.

As the garage door closes, the overly eager cameraman runs up to the door and asks Kanye if he’s mad at TV show host Jimmy Kimmel (we’ve got the scoop on that situation, too). Kanye bends down, looking angry, but the door closes before much can be exchanged.

See the video of Kanye confronting the paparazzi.

Next, we cut to Kanye outside as cameras swarm. A slight confrontation looks to happen but it’s nowhere near the LAX incident that currently has Kanye tied up in court. “Whatcha mean ‘relax’?” Kanye quizzes one pap before calling another “a bloodsucking mosquito.”

“You want me to be standing outside of your house at 4 a.m.?” he asks and, you know what, Kanye’s got a point. Anybody tries to take a photo of us that early, we’re gonna need a lawyer.

Source: TMZ, TMZ

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