Glee Season 6: Is Someone Moving to Russia? — Rumor Patrol!
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Glee Season 6: Is Someone Moving to Russia? — Rumor Patrol!

Forget the Big Apple. Someone from the cast of Glee could be heading overseas for the show’s sixth and likely final season. Sounds a bit outrageous, right? Here's what we know.

While a report from TVLine says that the show is seriously considering cutting McKinley High School from Season 6 all together and setting Glee in New York City, a new report from E! News says that NYC isn’t the only location being considered.

Show creator Ryan Murphy is reportedly also considering a move to Russia one of the series’s key characters. Given Glee’s history of tackling major LGBT issues, the team behind the series thinks Russia, which recently enacted a law outlawing the propaganda of “nontraditional sexual relations among minors,” could serve as the perfect backdrop to some serious dialogue.

“We are mulling around the idea of moving Kurt (Chris Colfer) to Russia,” a source told E! News.

The report also confirms that a move to Russia isn’t the only possibility the writers are considering. One other option is to set the storyline solely in New York City while yet another could be to include McKinley High in the final season.

If you ask us, a move to NYC makes perfect sense. But having Kurt pick up and move to Russia? We're just not sure we believe it. On the one hand, Glee absolutely could be mulling over the possibility of making this move. It's just so random and out there, that it really might be true. After all, this is Ryan Murphy we're talking about. An idea like this is just out there enough that he might actually do it.

But really, how would Kurt moving to Russia even work? He'd have to be joined by other characters. The NYC plot only works because there are 1-2 additional familiar characters. And what would bring Kurt there, anyway. The Moscow fashion scene? There are just so many details that need to be worked out.

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Source: E! News