Did the Judges Get It Right in Sending Kasia Home? ANTM Cycle 16, Episode 9
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America's Next Top Model

Did the Judges Get It Right in Sending Kasia Home? ANTM Cycle 16, Episode 9

So, can we talk now about how unfortunate Wednesday night's elimination on America's Next Top Model was?

Standing at the side of the always-directing Alexandria, Kasia was sent home for a lack of consistency, a crime Tyra tried her very best to convince us that the model has committed before. Kasia might not have dominated Cycle 16, but it was the first time she's been in the bottom two. She also won the Mad Men-esque coffee commercial shoot and the meet-and-greet challenge, both of which required "PERSONALITY!" -- the thing the judges are always harping on. AND she was the only one who remembered what to pack when meeting a designer. Yeah, really up and down, Tyra...

Why'd she go home? Tyra said Alexandria's portfolio was stronger, but what about Alexandria's, uh, habit of telling directors what to do? How many times have we heard that it doesn't matter how beautiful a new model is if she has a bad attitude? (Flashback: "We were rooting for you! We were all rooting for you!")

It also felt a little weird that the first time Kasia felt ostracized because of her weight, she was sent packing. Tyra always preaches about self-esteem and acceptance of different body types, even in modeling, yet this isn't the first time a larger-than-average contestant was made into a spectacle, seemingly for the sake of ratings. (Does anyone remember Cycle 4's Keenya? And when they dressed her up as an elephant for a photo shoot?) Kasia herself is a little suspicious of the editing. Was there meddling behind the scenes? Is this just reality TV business as usual? Or does Tyra say one thing and do another?

We hope another (vicarious) day in Morocco will boost our spirits.


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