America’s Next Top Model Contestant Chris S. Tells All — “It’s a Man’s Year”
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America's Next Top Model

America’s Next Top Model Contestant Chris S. Tells All — “It’s a Man’s Year”

This season of America’s Next Top Model is taking it to the next level, having both men and women smizing it out to see who’s gonna be on top. Unfortunately, each week someone has to go home, and the first week saw a shocking double elimination with Chris S. and Bianca heading home after just one week of competition.

Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with Chris after his elimination and spoke with him about his time on the show, his triple-threat career dreams, and what he thought of Kelly Cutrone’s “lesbian” comment.

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Wetpaint Entertainment: What was the first thing that ran through your mind when you were called to be in the Top 16?

Chris S.: I was one of the middle names called, so my heart was racing. I was about to throw up. And then I finally hear, “Chris S.,” and I just screamed at the top of my lungs.

America’s Next Top Model Contestant Chris S. Tells All — “It’s a Man’s Year”
Credit: Douglas Friedman/Pottle Productions Inc ©2013 Pottle Productions Inc. All Rights Reserved    

How did you prepare to walk down a building for the Guess show?

I’ve always been very much a dare devil, so I was stoked. I was like, “Hell yeah, put me on the edge of that building. I’m ready to walk down.” I was super pumped until I got to the edge and it became real. So I just stiffened every muscle in my body, leaned forward, and just trust fell.

Do you think being in a group shot for the “alternative wedding” challenge led to your elimination?

I definitely think that all photo shoots are driven by the styling and by the overall package of the picture, so it is harder to shine in a group shot, for sure. At the time, I thought I could be bigger than [the other guys] and when it comes down to it, a picture is a picture. The juxtaposition of someone super tall and someone shorter than them, they’re going to look that much shorter. And then with large clothes on them, they’re going to look smaller too. I think it was definitely a whole package thing.

What did you think of Kelly’s “lesbian” comment about your photo?

As soon as she said it, it was like a knife hitting me in the gut. I think that there are some body positions to accentuate the masculinity and I’m learning to master those masculine positions.

The Top 3 photos this week were all guys, do you think that will continue this season?

I definitely think that it’s a man’s season. It’s a man’s year for sure.

We have to ask, who is the hottest girl on the show?

Oh, Bianca. For sure.

In your opinion, who will make it to the end and win the competition?

I thought Marvin had the best story, so I feel like he’s got a definite chance to win. And he’s a guy.

Have you had a relationship with anyone from the show or remained friends with them?

No relationships to speak of, but Bianca and I definitely hang out all the time. We’re still in great contact. That’s been one thing that’s been nice coming off the show.

And what’s next for you?

I just finished shooting a feature film [called The Hackers]. As soon as I got off the show, I had been in contacts with a director and we started shooting. We started shooting and we shot a whole feature in 3 weeks, packed it all in, it was crazy. So I’m planning on merging my singing, acting, and modeling careers together and taking this business by storm.

What are you taking away from the ANTM experience?

I had been modeling since I was 14 and so it’s always been a dream to be on the show, and when I heard there would be guys involved, I thought it was my year. Getting eliminated so early was a definite punch in the gut, but Kelly — surprisingly enough — took me and Bianca aside and said, “I think you guys are great. Just stick to the acting — I think you’ll shine there.” So I definitely took that from it and I’m gonna run with that and get as many campaigns as I can with my face because runway’s not the best for someone my height. So I’m using my strengths.

What was it like working with Tyra Banks?

I’ve always admired her photos and even her acting work. I grew up watching “Lifesized” and then when she was lifesized in front of me, I was like, ‘Whoa, that’s Tyra freaking Banks.”

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