Bachelor in Paradise’s Jesse Kovacs: Did He Have His Eye on Anyone Going In? — Exclusive
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Bachelor in Paradise

Bachelor in Paradise’s Jesse Kovacs: Did He Have His Eye on Anyone Going In? — Exclusive

You’d think after doing a few stints on different Bachelor/ette franchises, the whole process would become easy — but that wasn’t the case for Bachelorette 5 and Bachelor Pad 1’s Jesse Kovacs, who is now gearing up to appear on Bachelor in Paradise Season 1 (premiering tonight, August 4). In fact, the 32-year-old says it was actually pretty “uncomfortable.”

Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with Jesse before Episode 1 — he won’t be appearing for a few eps — to find out more about his experience on the show, which some have described as Temptation Island (remember that mess?!) crossed with.. well, The Bachelor. According to Jesse, that sort of muddled premise was what had him so nervous going in.

“I walked into a situation where I had zero idea what the premise would be, other than meeting people,” Jesse reveals. “For me it was just uncomfortable not knowing how this was going to play out.”

The winemaker also admits that, while Bachelor Pad was his comfort zone, seeing as he was friends with most of the people on the cast, he knew very little about those who would be joining him in Tulum, Mexico. “I knew no one previously that was going to be on the show — I had barely met Graham Bunn and Michelle Money.”

One of the reasons why Jesse didn’t know his castmates? He was just coming off of serious relationship, which had taken him out of the Bachelor Nation scene.

“I kind of fell off the scene of ex-Bachelors and Bachelorettes,” he explains. “I was in a relationship for four years, so I really fell off and didn’t go to any of the reunions or events and have a chance to meet any of these people. Plus, I never watch the shows after mine. So I didn’t really know anybody.”

So while others may have had their eye on one gal or one guy in particular (like the aforementioned Graham divulged just last week), Jesse was walking in with a completely blank slate. “That’s one of the questions they asked me like, ‘Who would you like to see?’ and I was like, ‘I honestly have no idea.’ I’m not going to Google everybody and try to study up and find someone that I’m interested in. I’m just going to go there with an open mind and meet people naturally, the old school way, with a handshake, a look in the eye, and a smile. I was just very open-minded about the whole thing.”

Not a bad way to go about it, if you ask us! But did that approach work for Jesse? We’ll have to wait and see (or you can click here to get the latest spoilery intel — but warning, it’s juicy!).

Bachelor in Paradise premieres tonight, August 4 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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