What Is Bachelorette 2014 Contestant Josh Murray’s Job? You Might Be Surprised!
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What Is Bachelorette 2014 Contestant Josh Murray’s Job? You Might Be Surprised!

We’ve seen y’all (sorry, too much Andi Dorfman time) making your comments on Facebook and Twitter about Josh Murray and his seemingly questionable career status. It’s totally understandable, you want the best for our girl, and the idea of a “former pro baseball player” — as he’s constantly billed — being the Bachelorette’s potential forever choice may seem ill-advised. But we’re here to reassure you: This guy is gainfully employed, and his job may actually surprise you!

Why? Well, with as much as they’ve brushed over the Atlanta hunk’s current profession on Season 10, you’d think Josh was an unemployed man-boy, living with his parents. OK, so we know he doesn’t live with them, thank god, as learned in the Hometown Dates portion, but how exactly is Aaron Murray’s big bro paying his rent and bills? By being a financial advisor, actually!

Yep, while some fans might have been losing sleep thinking Josh is living off unemployment, he’s actually the dude helping people with their money. Reality Steve shared the news with a concerned fan, explaining that the 29-year-old is a financial advisor for Capstone Financial — a fact confirmed on what appears to be his official LinkedIn account.

A glance at that resume page shows he’s been employed there since August 2012, and though we know he had to leave for the show, RS says he believes Josh returned to the gig in recent months. Andi’s potential hubby’s CV explains that, for his clients, he can “discuss their financial future” for things like college, retirement, home buying, and more — an attribute that will prove fruitful for the Hotlanta gal should she choose him in the July 28 finale.

So there you have it, Josh really is a C-A-T-C-H. Tall, dark, handsome, smart, and fiscally responsible. That’s what we’re lookin’ for in a guy… will Andi agree?

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Source: Reality Steve, LinkedIn