Bachelor 2013 Contestant Tierra LiCausi Poses Sans Makeup!
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Bachelor 2013 Contestant Tierra LiCausi Poses Sans Makeup!

Tierra LiCausi is such an easy, breezy, beautiful covergirl. Sure, this gal caked plenty of makeup on to her gorgeous face during Sean Lowe's epic season of The Bachelor 17, but duh. She was obviously just hiding the fact that her gorgeous skin had turned blue from hypothermia as a result of The Polar Plunge of Doom. Who could blame her?

However, now that Tierra has left the comforting bosom of Sean Lowe's heaving pectorals, she's all about making a fresh start — with a fresh face! This gal recently took it to Instagram to show off her gorgeous makeup-free mug, and we're thinking she's never looked better.

"Spa time #relax #metime #nomakeup," Tierra mused along with the photo, in which she's smiling like the beautiful vixen that she is.

Ok, so we're loving Tierra's au natural look, but check out her eyes. Is it just us or is home girl wearing a thick coat of mascara — not to mention a lil eyeliner? Whatever, no judgement here. Mascara hardly counts as makeup, right ladies?

To quote our favorite jingle: maybe Tierra's born with it, maybe it's Maybelline. OR MAYBE IT'S JUST HER SPARKLE.

What do you think of Tierra's fresh new look? Weigh in below!

Source: Instagram