Will Bachelor in Paradise Contestants Compete for Cash? The Answer Is…
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Bachelor in Paradise

Will Bachelor in Paradise Contestants Compete for Cash? The Answer Is…

We’re not ashamed to say we loved everything about the first three seasons of Bachelor Pad. However, we must admit that having contestants compete for cash has always felt a little off, since that’s more Big Brother than Bachelor. Now, with The Pad turning into Bachelor in Paradise, will the cash prize be a thing of the past?

As it turns out, the reason we don’t yet know much about what to expect from Bachelor in Paradise is because, well, the show’s producers don’t even know. According to Reality Steve, the show’s concept has yet to be ironed out, with the cast also still yet to be chosen. In fact, Steve thinks that details of the show will remain under wraps until it starts filming, in order to keep the cast in the dark as long as possible about what to expect.

However, the one thing Reality Steve is certain of is that we won’t be seeing those “Keep” or “Share” signs anytime soon. He says “there will be no challenges and no $250K prize at the end.” The focus of the show will instead be on cues the “awwws” falling in love.

If you ask us, this is a step in the right direction. Do viewers really care about which contestant is the best synchronized swimmer (and yes, that was an actual challenge in Season 2)? We think not. Instead, the best parts of The Pad have always been the surprising hookups and the fights that ensue because of said hookups. So we’ll take more of that, please.

Do you think the show is making the right call by eliminating the money prize?

Source: Reality Steve