Celebrity Transformation

She’s Controversial Now, But She Used to Be This Darling Little One! Who Is It?

That sweet face, beatific smile… Surely you must know who this little darling turned out to be! No? Well, that’s probably because she couldn’t look more different these days. Though she still rocks the long hair, she doesn’t hit the stage without some bleach or streaks or a little texture.

And though she’d prefer you think of her as a rocker, we’ll never forget how she charmed us on the big screen as a wide-eyed, town-saving sweetheart in 2000. In that role, she rocked a crazy braided hairstyle and a rhyming moniker. But she’s most famous for going by a diminutive nickname while rocking a headband.

She’s still young, so don’t rack your brain too far back in time, but she’s already retired from acting and thrown herself full-force into her musical passion. Want to know who it is? Click through to find out!