Corbin Bleu on His Buns of Steel and Intimidation as Dancing With the Stars Frontrunner
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Dancing With The Stars

Corbin Bleu on His Buns of Steel and Intimidation as Dancing With the Stars Frontrunner

It’s a blessing and a curse to be considered a frontrunner on Dancing With the Stars.

On one hand, it probably means you’re doing something right — dancing well, getting high scores, getting huge applause from the audience, or big buzz from fans. On the other hand, you have added pressure to win, or risk feeling like a failure — plus, it’s easier to root for an underdog than someone who appears more likely to win.

Corbin Bleu was considered a potential frontrunner to win DWTS Season 17 the second the cast was named. The popular High School Musical alum was Karina Smirnoff’s dream partner, and she was thrilled to get him. She had to know he’d at least have a strong chance of getting to the Finals.

Corbin has been getting high scores, but he’s also been nitpicked by judges who know he’s one of the celebs entering the season with previous dance experience. He’s not the only one, but his talent is definitely showing.

Corbin was recently on Access Hollywood and they mentioned how Corbin’s fellow Season 17-ers, like Jack Osbourne and Leah Remini, have singled him out as one to watch. Does that add pressure for him?

"Yes and no,” Corbin said. “I take it as flattery. It's really great that they think that I'm as good as I am, that's awesome. But they hold their own. You see them on the dance floor. This season isn't the season where you have, like, 'Oh those two are the ones who are way a step above everybody else.' It's pretty evenly matched."

Well, we would argue with that, but that doesn’t seem to matter since Bill Engvall is clearly a step behind most of the cast in dance talent but he makes up for it in personality. This is first and foremost a popularity contest, and we have no idea how popular the best dancers like Corbin, Elizabeth Berkley, and Amber Riley really are. We do, on the other hand, have a rough idea how popular Bill and Leah are, since they’re still here.

Corbin also talked to Access about his body changing in various ways from DWTS. "The buns [are] more steel-like," he said. He's also added more fitness to his life in general in the past several years, and he joked about DWTS being an opportunity to take his shirt off constantly, since just about everyone is half-naked on the show.

Watch Corbin’s Access video below to hear him talk about his “great” relationship with “fiery” Karina (he says it in a whisper, like he’s intimidated by her… and he probably is). We’ll see their chemistry back in action this Monday, November 4 in their Argentine Tango.

Do you think Corbin and Karina are really frontrunners to win? Do you want to throw down a winner prediction right here and now? Go for it in the comments below, and catch Dancing With the Stars on Mondays at 8 p.m. ETon ABC.

Source: Access Hollywood

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