Corey Simms Doesn’t Want Aliannah Using Her Wheelchair — Report
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Leah Messer

Corey Simms Doesn’t Want Aliannah Using Her Wheelchair — Report

Fans of Teen Mom 2 have watched Leah Messer and Corey Simms's daughter, Aliannah Hope, struggle with her muscular dystrophy diagnosis for years — and the hardest part is seeing this gal's muscles weaken as she gets older. Ali struggled to walk on her own two feet, but after tons of physical therapy and a lot of commitment on the part of her parents, she's now able to run! However, Ali's muscles aren't able to fully hold her weight, which is why doctors have suggested that she use a motorized wheelchair.

Ali was fitted for her wheelchair during the fifth season of Teen Mom 2, but her dad seems reluctant to let her use it. Leah's made it clear that she thinks Corey's in denial about Ali's diagnosis, while Corey himself has admitted that he'd rather Ali not use the chair.

“Leah is doing everything she can for Ali and she wants her to use the wheelchair to make her life better,” a source tells "Corey of course loves his daughter, but he’s been more difficult to convince that it is the best thing for Ali. He doesn’t want to accept that she does need the wheelchair.”

It's totally understandable that Corey doesn't want Ali cooped up in a wheelchair while her sister, Aleeah, is running around. However, a wheelchair might actually make life easier for Ali — especially when it comes to chasing around her "sissy."

“Leah hates that Ali needs a wheelchair, but she accepts it and makes it as easy for Ali as she can,” the source says. “She wants Corey and his family to do the same thing because she doesn’t ever want Ali to get two different messages about her life.”

Up until now, Leah and Corey have done an amazing job co-parenting their kids. Hopefully they'll be able to come to an agreement on Ali's wheelchair so she doesn't get mixed signals!

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