Corinne Olympios Reveals the Truth About Her Nanny on ‘Ellen’ (VIDEO)
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Corinne Olympios Reveals the Truth About Her Nanny on ‘Ellen’ (VIDEO)


It’s about time somebody got some truth out of Corinne Olympios.

While the Bachelor 2017 villain’s antics are certainly entertaining, we knew there was no way that was her true personality off of the show — or is it?!

That’s what Ellen Degeneres tried to find out this week by having the 25-year-old on her talk show.

While there, Corinne not only explained the truth behind her nanny, but she also officially responded to her on-screen behavior.

“That is the real me,” the “multimillion-dollar business” owner insists of her troublemaking ways.

She adds, “It definitely is a real side of me. But there are many other sides to me.”

So what sides did we not see?

She continues, "I am an older sister. I run a business. I am an athlete — I work out every day. I have a trainer.”

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The Miami-based gal hints we’ll see “more of Corinne as the season goes on,” and not only in the scene where she tries to seduce Nick Viall in his hotel room.

Still, you’d have to imagine she has some regrets, right?

Though Ellen points out the reality star was a bit “crazy” in the beginning of the show, she finds her TV persona amusing.

“I think I'm funny. I actually really laugh very hard at myself,” she admits, before allowing that she came off “a little bit more promiscuous" than she hoped. Just don’t blame the booze!

“I did know my limit. I never took it too far where I would black out or anything like that,” she recalls of her alcohol intake.

Another topic the outspoken blonde opens up about is her controversial choice to have a nanny in her mid-20s.

However, the more we hear about her employee, the more the relationship sounds almost normal!

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“Raquel actually works with my family,” she explains. “She's been with us for 18 years. She moved with us to Florida from New Jersey. She's kind of like my everything.”

Actually, it sounds like Raquel was a huge help during some difficult times in the Olympios family household.

“She raised my sister, she helped my mom through cancer. She's great. She's a part of my family,” she gushes.


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The pot stirrer also clarifies that the use of the word “nanny” is more out of respect, rather than representative of her role in her life.

“She's not like my nanny, like my babysitter,” Corinne states. “I have a lot of respect for her and she's kind of a mother figure to me, so I don't like saying cleaning lady or housekeeper."