Corinne Reveals the Heartbreaking Reason Why She Calls Raquel \
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Corinne Reveals the Heartbreaking Reason Why She Calls Raquel “Nanny”


Corinne Olympios may have had her questionable moments during Bachelor 2017, but she really grew on us as the season went on.

Not only did she prove to be funny and down for anything, but she also showed viewers her heart of gold...and yes, you know the rest of that sentence.

And during tonight's Women Tell All special, we appreciated Corinne even more when she opened up about her family life.

The Bachelor contestant revealed how Raquel, the woman she referred to as her nanny throughout the season, is much more than a woman who works for her family.

"Raquel is a very very special person because she's someone that's been there with me through the hardest times in my life when I didn't have anybody else," Corinne explained from the hot seat.

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"My mom had ovarian cancer. I was told that she was going to pass away. I was told that my dad needed to get her funeral in order."

"And Raquel was there and she was my rock. And she moved from New Jersey to Florida to be with my family during this time," she continued.

The reality star clarified the use of the word "nanny," explaining how she has a different meaning for it than other people may have.

"And when I said nanny, I said it in a way to not call her a cleaning lady or a housekeeper. And I didn't want to disrespect her by using the wrong word."