Cory Monteith Death: His Father Talks About the Tragedy
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Cory Monteith Death: His Father Talks About the Tragedy

The late Cory Monteith (Finn)’s father, Joe Monteith, recently spoke with Entertainment Tonight Canada about his 31-year-old son’s death on July 13 from an alcohol and heroin overdose. Sadly, Joe says the family realized too late that Cory was relapsing after his recent stay in rehab.

“I guess he was involved a little more with drugs than anybody knew at the time,” said Joe, who lives on the other side of Canada from Cory’s mother, Ann McGregor. Joe and Ann divorced when Cory was seven; he and his son were previously estranged before reconciling in recent years.

In the video, Joe mentions it was Ann who noticed something was wrong with Cory, saying “You know stuff was missing, money here, stuff like that.” However, Joe does not clarify if these supposed incidents occurred recently or earlier in Cory’s battle with addiction.

Either way, when the family received the news of Cory’s overdose, Joe said it came as a shock.

“When they did break the news, my wife almost fell over. Matter of fact, I had to grab her. And I had to ask them again, ‘What was that you said?’ It really didn’t sink in. It really hasn’t sunk in.”

Joe did not see Cory before his body was cremated on July 16, as Ann reportedly did not tell him about the private viewing. In attendance were Ann; Cory’s younger brother; and Cory’s long-term girlfriend Lea Michele (Rachel). Lea is reportedly still in Canada helping the family plan a funeral for the beloved Glee star.

Source: Global News