Cory Monteith Funeral: Westboro Baptist Church to Protest and Spew Insults!
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Cory Monteith Funeral: Westboro Baptist Church to Protest and Spew Insults!

Cory Monteith (Finn) died suddenly and tragically on July 13, and the Westboro Baptist Church thinks the Glee star had it coming. The infamous anti-gay church announced on Twitter July 15 that it will protest Cory’s funeral on DATE, and declared that Cory was “struck down by God” for “enabling proud f**Chris Colfer (Kurt).

These offensive and explicit statements are gut-wrenching, but then again, this tiny church in Kansas has never shied away from stirring up controversy. The Westboro Baptist Church Twitter handle is full of tweets condemning Cory. You can read for yourself if you choose, but be warned that the language is harsh, to say the least.

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In addition to proclaiming Cory’s death as “well-deserved,” Westboro suggested Cory’s griflriend Lea Michele (Rachel), should “kill herself as well.” That way, the couple’s “wedding can go on as planned IN HELL!” Wow.

Glee fans have responded to Cory’s passing with an outpouring of support. Many people in Hollywood have spoken out, too, and Cory’s co-stars can’t stop talking about what a kind, gentle and humble person he was.

By now, you’d think we’d be used to this small-but-vocal group protesting everything. But somehow, this Kansas group just never ceases to shock us. What do you think? Head to the comments below and share your thoughts.

Source: Westboro Baptist Church on Twitter

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