Cory Monteith “Never Quite Knew How to Handle Fame”: Report
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Cory Monteith “Never Quite Knew How to Handle Fame”: Report

Cory Monteith (Finn) had been upfront over the years about his battles with addiction, but he had apparently been more private about his struggle with fame.

"Fame was hard for him," a friend tells People. "It was something he knew he deserved but somehow he never quite knew how to handle."

This may be the case, but you wouldn’t know it, as he was always upbeat and friendly in interviews. He also remained humble and focused on his fans, as a sweet video message that he recorded for a fan just before his death makes clear.

Meanwhile, another insider reveals that the Glee cast enjoyed the lifestyle that came with being a young, good-looking celebrity. "They worked hard and partied hard," says a source. In real life, "these aren't high school kids. They are adults who enjoyed the perks of fame."

A third source points out that, regardless of any substance issues he may have battled Cory was a consummate professional on the Glee set. "I never saw him come to work late, lose his temper, not know his line, or argue with crew and castmates," the source says.

The more we hear about Cory, the more we’re heartened to learn about what a kind and caring individual he really was, which makes his sudden passing that much more difficult.

Source: People

07.17.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Ryan Gajewski
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