Cory Monteith’s Drug Habits: “He Was Not a Typical Addict”
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Cory Monteith’s Drug Habits: “He Was Not a Typical Addict”

When Cory Monteith (Finn) passed away from a mixed toxicity of alcohol and heroin on July 13, fans were shocked and destroyed. Everywhere, people asked “How could someone who plays such a normal and innocent Glee character have had such a dark passing?” According to an Us Weekly confident, the answer is because Cory wasn’t dark at all.

"He was not a typical addict where it made him evil," a confidant tells the magazine. "He was the nicest, sweetest guy." In fact, Lea Michele (Rachel) was reported to have had no idea her boyfriend was using drugs again. The Glee star had checked himself into rehab voluntarily only a few months ago, after Lea (again, reportedly) staged an intervention.

But it wasn’t as though a Hollywood golden boy suddenly started doing drugs. Cory has always been candid about his past drug use, saying that he started smoking pot before high school, and took “anything” he could get his hands on.

The Us Weekly source claims that Cory was a lot different than anyone could have imagined. "He really struggled. Essentially, he was a street kid. But he looked so angelic and he was playing this clean-cut guy."

When he wasn’t hanging out in Hollywood, Cory was visiting his hometown of Vancouver. But his activities were a little less Glee than people imagined, the source reports. "This was a guy who spent more time in back alleys in Vancouver doing what street kids do than walking red carpets. That was his life. He was still coming to terms with that."

With all the information coming in about who and what Cory may have been, or what caused his ultimate demise, it’s hard to compartmentalize our feelings about this. The takeaway message must be, then, that Cory was a complicated person with his own demons. But like everyone has said, he was a nice, sweet guy. The guy we all loved.

Source: Us Weekly

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