Cory Monteith Would’ve Proposed to Lea Michele on Her Birthday — Report
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Cory Monteith Would’ve Proposed to Lea Michele on Her Birthday — Report

Late last month, Us Weekly reported that Lea Michele’s (Rachel) boyfriend Cory Monteith (Finn) had planned to give his longtime love a big surprise for her 27th birthday on August 29.

Okay. If you don’t want to read something heartbreaking, stop right now. Seriously, this is your chance to back out. Things are about to get super sad.

According to National Enquirer — which we should start off with right away by saying doesn’t have a great track record with this sort of news — Cory had bought Lea an engagement ring, and he was planning to propose on her birthday!

“Cory and Lea had been so much in love, and he was looking forward to her birthday because he’d bought her the best present ever,” an unnamed insider tells the mag. “He told us he was going to propose, but he never got the chance.”

If Cory really was planning to propose, Us’s story makes it seem like Lea really had no idea. Their source said that Lea was guessing Cory might be planning a party or an exotic vacation. An engagement ring just didn’t seem to be on her mind.

That’s not to say this couple wasn’t getting serious, though! Another Us Weekly story revealed that Cory and Lea had planned to move in together as soon as he returned home from the trip to Vancouver that ultimately took his life. Whether or not Cory actually bought a ring... we might never know. But it’s clear that he and Lea were serious. Marriage was definitley not out of the question.

Source: National Enquirer