Cory Monteith’s All the Wrong Reasons Movie: Is He Having an Affair?
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Cory Monteith’s All the Wrong Reasons Movie: Is He Having an Affair?

Glee’s Cory Monteith (Finn) had completed two films before his sudden death last month, and we now get to see a full trailer for one of them, All the Wrong Reasons. The trailer for his other film, a thriller called McCanick, was released earlier this month.

All the Wrong Reasons which does not yet have a theatrical release date, but is debuting on September 6 at the Toronto Film Festival is a Canadian ensemble drama which stars Cory as a store manager whose wife has trouble coping after the death of a loved one. Gossip Girl’s Kevin Zegers co-stars as a former firefighter who begins to get close with Cory’s wife. Drama!

Cory’s acting is as impressive as ever in this trailer, and the character is a big change from Finn. In what appears to be one of the film’s most tense scenes, Cory yells at his wife, “I have worked so hard to get us to the top you gotta let this go.”

He and his wife clearly have their issues in the film. “We just haven’t had sex in over a year, and I just wondered when the next time we were going to be intimate is,” he tells her early on. Then, when we see him cavorting with a younger co-worker, Cory tells the new woman, “I’m married, so I don’t want my wife finding out about this.” Hey, what could possibly go wrong?

We knew we wanted to see this movie even before seeing the trailer, just because it was one of the last chances to see Cory onscreen. Now that we know the character is so different from the Finn Hudson we’re used to, we’re even more excited to see it.

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