Glee After Cory Monteith’s Death: “There’s a Huge Gaping Hole in the Show”
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Glee After Cory Monteith’s Death: “There’s a Huge Gaping Hole in the Show”

This year, Glee has managed to prove that the show must and can still go on following the tragic death of Cory Monteith last summer when he suffered from a drug overdose. But the show without Cory — and, of course, without Finn — just isn’t the same show, and through Season 5, we couldn’t help but feel like something important was missing.

Jane Lynch (Sue Sylvester) happens to agree with us. In a recent panel featuring the women of some of Fox’s most popular shows, Jane shared some insight into how the cast is dealing with the loss of Cory nearly a year later.

“In the choir room, we have a photograph of Finn with one of the funny lines that he said,” Jane shared at Monday’s panel, according to Variety. “So we see him every day. I think he had such a big part in why this show is such a hit, and it’s really, really difficult. Everybody gets through it in their own way, but there is a huge gaping hole in the show.”

We agree with Jane. Although Glee has evolved into something so much more than the original cast from the pilot episode, Cory has always been at the heart of the show, and not even death can separate him from what we think of when we think Glee.

But enough sad stuff. Jane also dropped a few hints about Season 6 — the show’s final season — and what we can expect when Glee picks back up in early 2015. A few returning familiar faces, and lots of episodes that Jane hopes will carry a strong message. It’s our second year without Cory, but we know Glee will still go out with a bang.

Do you feel like Glee has a “gaping hole” without Cory?

Source: Variety