Cory Monteith’s Death: Ryan Murphy Shares “Moving” Fan Tribute Art
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Cory Monteith’s Death: Ryan Murphy Shares “Moving” Fan Tribute Art

We all recognize the Glee logo: That simple gLee with a familiar hand in the middle. Now, in light of leading man Cory Monteith’s (Finn) recent passing, on fan has recreated that iconic logo to pay homage to the show’s fallen star.

On July 28, creator Ryan Murphy tweeted a photo of one Gleek’s homage to Cory. “A talented fan made this and I thought it was really moving,” he wrote.

The image shows Cory as Finn, his hand raised in a pose unmistakable as part of the New Directions’ first “Don’t Stop Believing” performance. The loser “L” in the Glee logo has always stood as a reminder that the kids on this show are underdogs. They are the losers, the outcasts, and the geeks, but finding music (and each other) has given them all a sense of identity and purpose.

Now, this new logo shows Cory standing there in place of the loser sign. Gone is the judgement and the constant reminder that these kids don’t live up to society’s supposed expectations. Instead, it is replaced by a simple silhouette that reminds us all that friendship and true acceptance really do exist.

Cory Monteith’s Death: Ryan Murphy Shares “Moving” Fan Tribute Art
Credit: Ryan Murphy on Twitter    

Cory can no longer be a part of Glee, but the impact that he’s had on the show is unmistakable. Replacing him in the logo is a wonderful way to signify this. We love that Ryan is so passionate about this fan tribute, and we actually think it’d be awesome if Glee could adopt this logo for the upcoming Seasons 5 and 6. It would be a perfect way to keep Cory’s memory alive — and so central to the show — even in the months and years after he is gone.

Source: Ryan Murphy on Twitter

07.30.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Beth Douglass
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