Game of Thrones

Which Cosby Show Star Is Married to One of Game of Thrones’s Hottest Guys?

Besides being very popular TV shows, The Cosby Show and Game of Thrones don't have much in common. One is a sitcom classic filled with feel-good vibes and family appropriate humor. The other is a bloody, brutal fantasy epic that has so much sex and nudity many people would be embarrassed to watch it with their parents. But it turns out these shows do share one other huge link: Two of their stars are married!

Yep, you read right. Many TV fans aren't aware that Jason Momoa, AKA the dearly departed Khal Drogo, is married to one of the Huxtable women. But which former Cosby star scored the Khal as her hubby?

Here are two hints. First, by the end of The Cosby Show, her character had a new last name, and second, in real life she was formerly married to a very famous singer with whom she eloped on her 20th birthday.

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