Could Daryl Dixon Ever Appear in The Walking Dead Comics?
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Could Daryl Dixon Ever Appear in The Walking Dead Comics?

The Walking Dead’s Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) should appear in everything — The Avengers sequel, Saturday morning cartoons, cereal box covers, X-Men spin-offs, Harry Potter prequels, the occasional Law & Order re-run. He’s just a great character. Weirdly enough, though, he’s never been in The Walking Dead comic books.

Daryl and Merle Dixon (Michael Rooker) were created just for the AMC show. The comic book series is still being written, and every so often there’s a push to add Daryl to the story. Comic book writer/TV show executive producer Robert Kirkman was at last weekend’s Amazing Arizona Comicon, and he said it wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing if Daryl appeared in the comics, but he likes the separation.

“I like that when we sit down to write the show one of the first things we deal with is: ‘How does Daryl Dixon change this story?’” he said (via “Because we always start from: ‘Ok, we like this part of the comic. How are we going to do it?’”

Daryl has such a strong, unique personality that his interactions with the other TV characters, including many from the comics, change their own storylines. Robert said it’s “really a great thing for the show that he doesn’t exist in the comic. And I really like that.”

He did say it would be “cool” if Daryl were in the comics, but he doesn’t have any current plans to add him. “But I guess he would be the one if I was going to pull any character from the show into the comic, it would be him. Mostly just because I love Norman. Handsome dude.”

Yeah, it’s pretty much illegal to not love Norman Reedus. Good for Robert Kirkman, though, for putting his own baby first. Daryl is a great character, but if he doesn’t fit in the big picture vision for the comics, it would be a mistake to give in to pressure and shoehorn him into the books, just because he’s popular. They may sell even more issues with Daryl in them, but it’s not like TWD is hurting for sales, and the story should always come first. But maybe Daryl could have his own spin-off series? (The Caryl Diaries?)

Do you read The Walking Dead comics? Would you start reading them if Daryl were added to the story? Do you think he should have his own comic series, or just let him exist as a TV character and leave it there?

The Walking Dead Season 4 returns with Episode 9 on Sunday, February 9 at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.


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