Could Ezra Have a Twin on Pretty Little Liars? Ian Harding Says…
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Could Ezra Have a Twin on Pretty Little Liars? Ian Harding Says…

One of the Pretty Little Liars theories currently being bandied about the Interweb to explain the summer finale “A” reveal is that Ezra (Ian Harding) might possibly have a twin. After all, that would make it a lot easier to explain why such a beloved character could suddenly appear to be so evil. Entertainment Tonight recently talked to Ian, and they asked what he thought about the twin about speculation.

“That theory hadn't even occurred to me,” Ian said. Sidenote: We’re not sure we really believe him. But okay. “I feel like that might be even more far-fetched. I think there's an explanation that's more realistic and/or potentially heart-breaking and scary and sick.”

Could Ezra Have a Twin on Pretty Little Liars? Ian Harding Says…
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Yikes! So, it sounds like Ian falls squarely in the “probably not” category when it comes to Evil Twin Ezra. We can respect that, but we don’t like the sound of this “scary and sick” explanation he has going...

“For so long, Ezra's been such a good guy,” Ian continued. “Even though he has this relationship with a minor that's questionable, there's still something so good about him. I like the fact we're seeing more human qualities. Perhaps maybe not everybody would be watching and tracking these girls, but it's exciting.”

We can see where Ian is going with this, but there are tons of interesting qualities that fall somewhere between “relationship with a minor that’s questionable” and “cyber bully and watcher of teenage girls” in the humanity spectrum. We’re just saying. We trust PLL, but we hope they know where they’re going with this…

What do you think Ezra’s motivation is? Where do you think he falls on the humanity spectrum? Sound off in the comments below!

Source: Entertainment Tonight

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