Could Farrah Abraham REALLY Be Pregnant With James Deen’s Baby?
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Could Farrah Abraham REALLY Be Pregnant With James Deen’s Baby?

Alright guys, it's time to have a little chat about the birds and the bees. You see, Teen Mom's Farrah Abraham is more than a little concerned she got knocked up during her televised hanky-panky session with porn star James Deen, and girlfriend has even purchased a home pregnancy test to make sure she's 100 percent without child.

So what's the deal? Could Farrah really be pregnant with James Deen's baby? We're not doctors or anything (although Teen Mom gossip writer is pretty darn close), but we're going to say most likely not. Here's why:

While we don't know exactly what happened between the sheets when the cameras weren't rolling, the raunch-tastic footage in Backdoor Teen Mom leads us to believe the majority of James and Farrah's sexy time was not of the procreative variety, if you catch our drift. We won't go into greater detail about that because we just finished eating lunch (you're welcome).

Could Farrah Abraham REALLY Be Pregnant With James Deen’s Baby?

Now, the controversial part: Was Farrah on birth control? It's no secret James went condom-free, which is really no surprise considering he's outspoken against condom mandates in the adult film industry. We know for sure both he and Farrah were screened for STDs prior to filming, and according to James, who chatted exclusively with Wetpaint Entertainment, his team confirmed with Farrah's team that she was taking some type of contraceptive.

"My request to do the scene with her was that she was tested and we both get tested," James said on April 11. "I also said she has to be on birth control and they confirmed that she was on birth control."

But according to a new report from TMZ, "sources" close to Farrah say she wasn't on the pill — which we find hard to believe considering the porn industry is so highly regulated. According to his bio, James has starred in over 1,400 pornographic films throughout the course of his decade-long career and has managed to not father any illegitimates... that we know of.

Additionally, Farrah prides herself on being proactive about her reproductive health and even made a sex-ed YouTube video where she dressed up like a vagina (no, really).

We're going to conclude that Farrah's pregnancy scare is nothing more than a publicity stunt. Who goes to the pharmacy in heels and a mini dress, right ladies? And considering she was spotted later that night drinking what appears to be a cocktail, we're going to assume the result was one line, not two. But better safe than sorry!

And if Farrah is pregnant with her second child, someone call Maury Povich immediately so we can watch James Deen do this.

Lindsay Dreyer is an editor at Wetpaint Entertainment. Follow her on Twitter @LindsayNYC.

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