Could Spencer Clawson Win Big Brother 15?
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Could Spencer Clawson Win Big Brother 15?

UPDATE: Nope. Weirdly enough, Spencer didn't even make the top two. We figured he'd be an easy one to beat in the end, but Andy went with GinaMarie instead. C'est la vie, Spence.

Original story:

Spencer Clawson made history on Big Brother 15. OK, so it's not for the most laudable reason, but still — he was on the block eight times. He won his way off with Power of Veto one time, back on Week 5, but otherwise he just sat there as the official pawn of the season. If you were sitting next to Spencer, it was like sitting next to Yukon Cornelius crossed with the Angel of Death.

At this point, Spencer, Andy Herren and GinaMarie Zimmerman are still battling it out in the final three. But it's looking pretty obvious that Spencer will make it to final two, no matter what. GinaMarie won the first of the final three Head of Household competitions. Andy won the second one. If Andy wins the final one, he will probably win the whole season. He lied a lot and betrayed everyone, but just about everything he did was game-related. Of the three, he has the strongest arguments to win. Not saying he was the greatest player of all time, or even a likable player worth rooting for, but he's the best gamer left in the house.

If Andy loses the final HOH comp to GinaMarie, it will most likely be Spencer vs. GM in the finals, and GM could win, but it's not a given.

Could Spencer Clawson Win Big Brother 15?
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You could argue that Spencer's pawn status is enough of a reason to vote for whoever sits next to him in the end, but he doesn't have any blood on his hands (except maybe Judd's from Spencer's one time as HOH), and no one is mad at him (except maybe Judd). It's hard to know how bitter the jury might be. Besides, if he sits next to his fellow Exterminator GinaMarie, he can argue that she's not exactly a great representative for the season.

Yes, GM has been honest, as opposed to Andy, and seemed to make more personal connections than Spencer. But some of the things she’s said, the nasty attacks — that could be enough to scare the jurors away from voting for her. She spent a good portion of the game saying ridiculous, racist or just awful things — mooning in stalker fashion over Nick Uhas and getting into fights with Candice Stewart, Amanda Zuckerman and even briefly her buddy Aaryn Gries. Her fights usually seemed personal, rarely game-related, even with Amanda.

Spencer has called women the c-word (like a lot of the guys this season, sadly) and he made that tasteless joke about child porn, but GM was arguably even worse. She got in Candice's face and said the "black" was coming out, she called welfare "n-gger insurance," she insulted adopted Candice by saying at least her own mother wanted her (shocking even GM's buddy Aaryn), and — in possibly the lowest blow — she even insulted Elissa Slater's 8-year-old son. During a discussion on the live feeds, GM said Elissa's son “looks like a f--king Spanish Puerto Rican little dirt f--ing… no way that white guy [Elissa’s husband Brent Slater] is her kid’s dad.”

Yeah, GM put Amanda and McCrae Olson on the block, leading to Amanda's eviction, and she managed to outlast all of her original allies — from Nick to Jeremy McGuire, Kaitlin Barnaby and Aaryn — but is that enough? Candice and Amanda probably wouldn’t vote for her. Elissa and Helen Kim might, since they don’t know about GM’s comment about Elissa’s son. Judd Daugherty has said he’s rooting for GM. Jessie Kowalski is a toss-up. Would McCrae and Andy go for Spencer or GM?

What do you think? This is a tough final three to root for in general, but if Spencer is in the end, next to Andy or GM, does he have any shot at winning?

The Big Brother 15 finale airs Wednesday, September 18 on CBS.

I think he could win

There's no way he could win

I think he could win

There's no way he could win

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