Could an “Underdog” Like Bill Engvall or Leah Remini Win Dancing With the Stars 2013?
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Dancing With The Stars

Could an “Underdog” Like Bill Engvall or Leah Remini Win Dancing With the Stars 2013?

The “best” dancer doesn’t always win Dancing With the Stars, but we’ve never had a real “underdog” winner. Do you think Season 17 could be the first time, with Bill Engvall, Leah Remini, or even Jack Osbourne taking home the Mirror Ball trophy?

Here's the list of people who've won DWTS in the 16 seasons to date:

Kelly Monaco

Drew Lachey

Emmitt Smith

Apolo Anton Ohno

Helio Castroneves

Kristi Yamaguchi

Brooke Burke

Shawn Johnson

Donny Osmond

Nicole Scherzinger

Jennifer Grey

Hines Ward

J.R. Martinez

Donald Driver

Melissa Rycroft

Kellie Pickler

Some of them were arguably the strongest dancers of their seasons, while others may not have been “the best,” but they were still good. Kelly Monaco is probably the closest to a lower-scoring “underdog,” but that was back on Season 1 when there were only six weeks and it was a completely different show. Donny Osmond may be the second closest, since he and Kym Johnson made the Season 9 Finals over higher-scoring Joanna Krupa and Derek Hough, and Donny won over arguably the “best” dancer in Mya. But Donny got himself two 10s back on Week 5, and he was a professional performer.

Could an “Underdog” Like Bill Engvall or Leah Remini Win Dancing With the Stars 2013?
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If Bill wins it will be a huge change for DWTS — and not just because he’d be the oldest winner, at age 56. He’s not exactly Bristol Palin, but… he kind of is like Bristol just in terms of technical skills. In Season 11, Bristol had a chip-on-her-shoulder attitude that turned some people off, but she still made it to third place. At the time, supporters argued that she was what the show was about — a newbie learning to dance. Those are arguments now being used for Bill, Leah, and Jack.

Bill has been getting the most attention for sticking around this season, because he has the lowest scores, but it’s not like he’s getting 5s or 6s. He’s getting 8s, and he does seem to be improving bit by bit. He’s the best comedian we’ve ever had! He also has a lighthearted approach that’s winning people over. People take this show too seriously sometimes and he reminds us that it’s just dancing. It’s fun. It’s a game. Just smile and enjoy it.

Leah is also improving from where she was in Week 1, and Jack is also getting better. You can see the work they are putting in to keep up with the other three, who came into this season with more dance and performance experience.

If the usual DWTS winner trend continues, it’ll probably be Amber Riley, Corbin Bleu, or maybe Elizabeth Berkley who wins. But it looks like we’ll have a four-couple finale this season, so if Bill gets to the end and he and Emma Slater give an entertaining showstopper Freestyle, he absolutely could win. How would you feel about that?

Do you think Bill, Leah or Jack could win DWTS? Would you be happy to see that happen? Sound off below, and watch Dancing With the Stars Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.