Farrah Abraham’s Ex-Boyfriend Daniel Alvarez: “Farrah Has No Regard For Anybody Else” (VIDEO)
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Farrah Abraham

Farrah Abraham’s Ex-Boyfriend Daniel Alvarez: “Farrah Has No Regard For Anybody Else” (VIDEO)

Everyone please be quiet because Farrah Abraham is about to have a big ol' plate of real talk served to her by none other than Daniel Alvarez. You know, Daniel Alvarez? Farrah's ex-boyfriend who she tried to force into marriage on a terrifying paddleboat ride from hell? The one who rejected Farrah in Austin after a romantic trip to see a bunch of bats? Him.

Daniel is making his triumphant return to reality television tonight during VH1's Couples Therapy, where he'll come face-to-face with Farrah to chat about some of their issues. And you better believe this dude has a lot of issues with everyone's favorite Teen Nun.

In this sneak peek, Daniel and Farrah sit down to reflect on the good times with Dr. Jenn Berman, and (not so surprisingly) Danny Boy doesn't have very many nice things to say about his ex-girlfriend.

"It was being extremely rude, no regard for anybody else," Daniel complained. "And just being disrespectful. I don't think she notices it, and that's just it."

Farrah's response?

"I feel like when I get lack of affection from somebody it's very hurtful to me," she said. "I just feel like I need to hear how disrespectful I was."

Hmm, surprisingly mature, and not at all defensive! Farrah's clearly come pretty far in her quest to better herself, though Daniel has some advice for how she could do even more.

"Be honest, true with herself, and to be foremost the best mother she can be to Sophia," he said. "She should make better decisions in raising Sophia, and set a better example for Sophia."

We have a feeling that Daniel's referencing Farrah's decision to sell her sex tape, for which she's already expressed regret.

But do you think Farrah could improve herself even more when it comes to parenting her sweet daughter? Hit the comments and let us know what you think about Daniel's comments.

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