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Farrah Abraham Says Her Mom Fell in Love With Internet Scammer, Lost $250K — What?! (VIDEO)

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Real talk: Farrah Abraham and Taylor Armstrong don't get along. In fact, they kinda hate each other. This reality star duo met on the set of VH1's Couples Therapy, and Taylor has been more than a little judgmental of Farrah. However, Farrah offered a proverbial olive branch to Taylor during this week's episode of Couples Therapy when she opened up about her mom's gullible behavior! You see, apparently, Farrah's mother, Debra Danielson, was scammed out of $250K after her internet lover randomly died in Malaysia. Or something? It was all very confusing.

"This is what my mom was telling me: 'So a person I'm dating and who I also was a business partner with ended up dying in Malaysia.' She was under the impression that they were going to be engaged and married when he got back from Asia," Farrah explained to Taylor. "Then, she signs a partnership agreement for an oil development deal, she sends him $250K. 'Did you ever meet him, mom?' No. Never f—ing met him."


Taylor was surprisingly supportive of Farrah, and felt bad that Debra would put the burden of her financial strain on her daughter.

"I think as young as Farrah is with the responsibility of a daughter, she's an only parent, I can tell you that would be the very last phone call I would be making," Taylor said. "There would be other things I would do than put the burden on you … If you don't even trust her, you must walk around in the world feeling like you can't trust anyone."

Huh, who knew Farrah and Taylor would share such a beautiful moment about her mom's insane internet scam? Maybe this is the start of a new friendship between these reality Queen Bees!

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Source: VH1