Couples Therapy Season 5 Trailer Teases Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell’s Arrival! (VIDEO)
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Couples Therapy Season 5 Trailer Teases Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell’s Arrival! (VIDEO)

You already had us at “hello” with the announcement of a fifth season of VH1’s addictive reality show, Couples Therapy, but then you add in the (still unconfirmed) casting of controversial Bachelor 18 couple Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell? Yeah, we’re hooked — and the show doesn’t start until September. But now, we finally have a sneak peek of the season and we are on the edge of our seats!

In the clip, we are introduced to the eclectic cast of reality stars, musicians, even a former porn star… and one of the most famous ones! Yep, Jenna Jameson and her curses are gracing the show with their presence — seriously, the language on that blondie! — alongside her MMA coach boyfriend John Wood. Joining them, are reality stars like Jersey Shore’s Deena Cortese and her guy Chris Buckner, as well as Big Brother villain Dick Donato and Stephanie Rogness-Fischer. And for 90’s throwback, we’ve got Naughty by Nature’s Treach and girlfriend Cicely Evans. What a crew!

And while the entire preview is chock full of the signature tears, cheating accusations, and door slams that we’ve grown accustomed to on this show, it’s the final few seconds that are most intriguing. Why? Because that’s when we get the tease of when “TV’s most controversial couple exposes all.”

While their faces are blurred, we have a good idea that this is likely the arrival of JPG and Nikki that’s being touted. VH1 hasn’t officially announced their inclusion on the cast, but we’re under good authority that they are a done deal. That being said, this could be another pair that will show up first? After all, we are having a hard time picturing the usually on-trend Nikki sporting those checkered Jeffrey Campbell booties. Just sayin’.

Watch the clip below and see for yourself!

Couples Therapy Season 5 premieres September 10 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on VH1.

Are you excited for this season? And do you think that’s JPG and Nikki arriving? Sound off below.

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