Farrah Abraham Opens Up About Her Childhood: My Parents Called Me a “Bitch” and a “Whore”
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Farrah Abraham

Farrah Abraham Opens Up About Her Childhood: My Parents Called Me a “Bitch” and a “Whore”

It goes without saying that Farrah Abraham has a few issues. Why else would she be getting professional counseling on Couples Therapy, right? Farrah's emotional problems have been weighing on her since the golden days of Teen Mom, and it looks like she thinks her parents, Michael Abraham and Debra Danielson, are at fault.

Farrah's had a rocky relationship with both her parents (never forget the time her mom slapped her on television), and she got to the bottom of her mommy/daddy issues during Episode 4 of Couples Therapy. Basically, Farrah claims that Michael and Debra think she's a "whore" and want to take all her money. Just your normal, everyday family problems, guys!

"My mom is the only person who would call me names if I did something wrong," Farrah told Dr. Jenn Berman. "My mom and my dad have called me a 'whore' for no reason. Even when I was dating the first person I ever had sex with. I've had my dad call me a 'bitch' for no f—ing reason."


"I don't even know what love is," she continued. "I just feel like i'm always getting manipulated or my parents are always with me or talking to me to get money from me. And use me in some way."

In the words of Foreigner, Farrah "wants to know what love is." And she wants you to show her. It's a real shame that this poor girl was called names by her parents, but we're sure they love her deeply and could care less about her wealth. Then again, Debra's blow-outs don't pay for themselves.

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