Jenelle Evans\'s Ex-Husband Courtland Rogers Reveals Sex of Baby No. 2 (UPDATE)
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Jenelle Evans’s Ex-Husband Courtland Rogers Reveals Sex of Baby No. 2 (UPDATE)


Original story (10/11/17 at 12:14 p.m. ET):

The Teen Mom 2 family just keeps on growing!

Jenelle Evans's ex-husband, Courtland Rogers, is expecting his second child in March 2018 and has just revealed if it's a boy or a girl.

The former jailbird revealed the news via Twitter on October 26 — he and his girlfriend Lindsey are having a boy!

This is the second child for Court, who has a daughter, Jordan, from a previous relationship.

For more on his baby news, plus a refresher on Courtland and Jenelle's short-lived, volatile relationship, keep clicking!

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Original story (10/11/17 at 12:14 p.m. ET):

Now that Jenelle Evans has gone on a social media hiatus to focus on her family, she's probably not paying much attention to what her exes have been doing.

But we still can't help but wonder how the Teen Mom 2 star feels about this bombshell news — her one and only ex-husband, Courtland Rogers, is going to be a dad again!


Fans of the show are well aware of Jenelle and Courtland's complicated relationship. The pair was married for just a few months between 2012 and 2013 before she filed divorce papers — and before they both got arrested for heroin possession.

However, the divorce wasn't actually finalized until 2014.

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Courtland made headlines again in March after he got released after a year-and-a-half stint in prison amid rumors he wanted to get back together with his MTV ex!

But that definitely did not happen, as Jenelle has since married baby daddy no. 3, David Eason, and Courtland and his new girlfriend, Lindsey Renee, are expecting their first child together in March.

The felon confirmed the exciting news on Twitter, saying, “I cannot wait for the 25th to get here so we can find out if it’s a boy or a girl… I’m so freaking excited.”

This will be the second child for the North Carolina dad, who has a first grade daughter, Jordan, from a previous relationship.

But let's not forget — Courtland almost had a kid (or two kids!) with Jenelle, too.

Before the 25-year-old infamously aborted hers and Courtland's child shortly before she started dating Nathan Griffith in 2014, she later revealed she suffered a miscarriage at the hand of her abusive ex.

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In her memoir, Read Between the Lines, Jenelle recalled a story where she reconnected with Courtland after her split from Kieffer Delp.

“[Courtland] became very verbally abusive,” she wrote. “His favorite thing to do during arguments was tell me that our child wasn’t his because I was a whore.”

The verbal abuse soon turned physical, and in one particular instance he slapped her in the face and “punched me in the gut.”

She continued, “I packed a bag and went to spend the night with my mother. I woke the next morning to a pool of blood between my legs.

“My mother rushed me to the emergency room, where they explained to me that I had suffered a miscarriage due to my recent altercation with Courtland.”

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However, Courtland totally denied these claims, later saying, “I never in my life have hit her. I never touched her. If we were ever fighting I made sure she wouldn’t hit me. I never swung or hit her or anything. That is the God’s honest truth.”

But things already seem to be going better for Courtland and Lindsey, who gushed about her man on Twitter and how well he's been doting on her throughout her pregnancy:

Court is allegedly clean and sober now, and let's hope he stays that way for the sake of his growing family!

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