Courtland Rogers Wants Jenelle Evans Back — and Barbara Evans Just Might Be Game, Too
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Jenelle Evans

Courtland Rogers Wants Jenelle Evans Back — and Barbara Evans Just Might Be Game, Too


Since his release from prison in March 2017, Courtland Rogers has gone back and forth on whether or not he wants his ex, Jenelle Evans, back.

But there’s no denying he still has feelings for the Teen Mom 2 star after his most recent tweet-and-deletes — and we have a feeling Barbara Evans doesn’t hate this…

You may recall that Courtland and Jenelle had quite the volatile relationship. They were married for just a few short months in late 2012 and early 2013 before they got arrested on heroin charges, she filed for divorce, and subsequently aborted their child, as you do.

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Now, the single dad is back in the news again since he just wrapped up his one-year prison sentence, so obviously people are curious if they’re back in touch.

Though the mom of three has made it clear she has zero interest in talking to her felon ex — she’s happily engaged to David Eason — the same can’t be said for Courtland.

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“I can’t sleep and I have a confession to make..I miss Jenelle so freaking much…like more than anything in the world.. I MISS MY WIFE,” Courtland tweeted, according to The Ashley.

“I MISS JENELLE LAUREN EVANS SO MUCH THO .. no matter what has happened in the past…ughhh I have to sleep…goodnight.”


Though Jenelle isn’t on board, we have a feeling her mom Barbara Evans just might be. In a new interview, Babs has revealed she is not a fan of her daughter’s future husband, David.

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“I do not like David,” Jace’s grandma admits. “Jenelle is into the fame and the fortune and now David is too.

“I don’t care what people think about me. I act the same way on and off camera.”

Plus, Babs and Courtland recently had a little coincidental meet-up since Jace and Courtland’s daughter Jordyn go to the same school, so maybe she’d be happy if her daughter got back with her now-sober ex instead?

That clearly won’t be happening, but it’s fun to imagine an alternative universe where Jenelle and Courtland are both sober and trying to make things work — and Babs actually kind of likes one of her daughter’s significant others. Oh, what could’ve been.

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Do you think Jenelle cares what Courtland is saying about her? Will Babs and David ever get along? Share below!

Teen Mom 2 returns later this year on MTV.