Courtney Robertson on Arie Luyendyk Jr As Bachelor — Would She Go On the Show? Exclusive
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The Bachelor

Courtney Robertson on Arie Luyendyk Jr As Bachelor — Would She Go On the Show? Exclusive

As the race to become the next Bachelor reaches its final stretch, with Chris Soules and Arie Luyendyk, Jr. seemingly leading the pack, we wanted to check in with one of our favorite stars about the best choice for the next leading man. Season 16 winner Courtney Robertson talked about Arie’s excellent bedroom skills in her tell-all, I Didn’t Come Here to Make Friends, so she seemed like the perfect judge of his other prowesses.

Wetpaint Entertainment: Okay, judgement call. Is Arie going to get the job?
Courtney Robertson: I know that Arie’s been down this path before, being in consideration and then losing out at the last moment. I would hate for him to have gotten his hopes up only to get let down when he had basically already packed his bags.

What is it about Arie that qualifies him to be the Bachelor?
He’s a great man, his personality and passion would make for great television. I think Chris seems really nice and would be the safe bet, but America’s ready for someone with as much to offer as Arie has. I'd be curious to hear who the contestant hopefuls are asking for. I think that's the vote that really matters, and I feel like Arie has to be the top of that list.

Do you think that Arie's distance from the show, in terms of time to get ready, is a benefit or could it hurt him?They've tried casting people fresh off the last season, and sometimes it works, and sometimes it's a little messy. Arie is so funny and he'll definitely bring the passion, and I know that he's ready for this and he really wants it.

Would you date Arie again if he didn’t go on the show?I only want him to be happy and I care about him. He’s been a great friend to me, but I honestly haven’t thought about it.

What kind of girl should be hitting the gym and calling casting to get on the show?It would be great if they know how to make a good cup of coffee. Arie likes women with lots of personality who are direct and he definitely needs a secure woman. Brunettes need apply, and maybe a few blondes…

Would you consider making an appearance if the ladies don’t meet your standards?(Laughs) No, I won’t be pulling a Kacie B. I told Arie that if he needs me, though, he can definitely call me.

What do you think about Arie as Bachelor? Are you on #TeamArie or #TeamChris?