Courtney Robertson’s BFF on Her Secrets: “People Don’t Know the Half of It” Exclusive!
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Courtney Robertson’s BFF on Her Secrets: “People Don’t Know the Half of It” Exclusive!

Season 16 Bachelor vixen Courtney Robertson has already said she’ll be dishing all the behind-the-scenes show drama in her new tell-all book. And if there’s anyone privy to the juicy secrets she’s gonna spill, it’s her BFF from the show, Casey Shteamer.

Courtney and Casey were inseparable during filming in 2011, and the two beauties formed a life-long bond. So, while we’re dying to read the memoir cover to cover, no one’s happier that Courtney landed a book deal than her pal, Casey.

“I’m so proud of Courtney for putting herself out there like that,” Casey tells Wetpaint Entertainment. “It takes a lot of guts to give people a look into your past and I respect her so much for having the strength to do it.” And Casey should know about that, considering she just launched her own blog, Imperfect Wonder.

While it’s sweet and all that Casey is supporting Court no matter what, we’re going to be honest: It’s all about the gossip. Will Courtney be serving up some serious scoop, or what? “Courtney’s had a very interesting life,” Casey says coyly. “I think people will be very intrigued to hear what really went on in her high profile relationships.”

Most high profile of all: her engagement to Bachelor Ben Flajnik, who proposed to Courtney on the season finale. The two later split just shy of their one-year anniversary. “Oh there is sooooo much that went on that people don’t know about,” teases Casey. “They don’t know the half of it.”

Sounds like we will soon!

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