Courtney Robertson’s Book: 5 Things We Want Her to Write About
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Courtney Robertson’s Book: 5 Things We Want Her to Write About

Courtney Robertson’s new book could be the perfect combination of beach read and b**ch read. Plenty of people in Bachelor Nation have written books, but when the “winning” Bachelor Season 16 star said she’d be writing a book called I Didn’t Come Here to Make Friends: Confessions of a Reality Show Villain, we got curious. Courtney was never the most popular contestant, but she was always candid and blunt, so we’re expecting honest opinions all around.

Here are five things we hope Ben Flajnik’s ex-fiance writes about.

1. Her real feelings on Ben — especially once the show aired

Ben fell hard for Courtney right away — or at least for her looks — and Courtney said all the right things to him. She was confident and didn’t take the show too seriously. He liked that. And why not, when the alternative was sobbing Stage 5 clingers?

But Courtney kept on joking about “winning” and it’s hard to tell how she really felt about Ben on the show. Did she just want to win? When did she develop real feelings for him? These contestants barely get to spend any real time together, so it’s hard to forge a deep connection, even though everyone talks about deep love on TV.

Taping seemed to ended happily for Ben and Courtney, but then the show started playing back and Courtney was clearly the season’s “villain.” It would be nice to hear how Courtney felt during that process, since she admitted she didn’t even watch the show back until recently. What did Ben tell her or ask her about what really happened in the house? How did she feel when the “negative energy” from the media became too much and they decided to take a break — right around Valentine’s Day, when Ben didn’t even send her flowers? “It became too much, so much that I just cracked,” Ben said on the “After the Final Rose.” “There were a few weeks where we took a couple steps back and reassessed our relationship.” During that time there were rumors that Ben saw other women.

As much as the public seemed to sympathize with Ben, he did pick Courtney — even after being “warned” about her — so it would’ve been nice if he had chosen to support her with a united front. It would be good to hear Courtney’s thoughts on this time, which must’ve been tough, and also on how they tried to make their relationship work after the show. Courtney said she and Ben “had a tumultuous 11-month relationship that ultimately imploded," and after their breakup she told Life & Style, “I was miserable with Ben; he treated me so badly.” Sorry, Ben, but it sounds like you’re going under the book bus.

2. Her feelings on what the girls said about her — and the editing

Courtney didn’t even watch her season of The Bachelor when it aired. She said her sister would basically recap each episode for her. But Courtney recently sat down to watch the show for the first time, as part of a big project — this book — and in a photo she shared you could see her watching fellow Season 16er Emily O'Brien on screen. Emily was a fan favorite but basically Court’s #1 nemesis.

A lot of the girls called Courtney out, since she was very clear about not being there to make friends (as the title implies). But there was also a lot of backstabbing from when Courtney wasn’t around — comments between the girls or just to the cameras. The contestants never really got called out for that Mean Girls-style behavior — Courtney was treated like the “villain” and everyone else was some kind of “hero.” It would be enlightening to hear Courtney’s thoughts on the things the women were saying, anything that surprised her, or anything that she heard that didn’t air, perhaps to keep the other girls looking good.

Courtney Robertson’s Book: 5 Things We Want Her to Write About
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3. What happened to her modeling career?

Fans really hated Courtney during Season 16. You would’ve thought she’d killed someone — or at least dumped her runner-up like Jason Mesnick. It was at that level. At one point, someone discovered that Courtney did modeling for a hair coloring product and got a photo of that product in the clearance aisle. Fans went to town commenting on it, and it really got brutal. In her book blurb, Courtney said her “modeling career was destroyed” by the show. She’s not the only one to be burned by bad behavior on reality TV — Big Brother’s Aaryn Gries was recently dumped by her modeling agency after her comments on BB15. (She too is now planning to write a book.) But Aaryn made racist jokes, and that’s not quite what Courtney did, but Courtney was treated like she did worse. It’s hard to write about this kind of stuff without coming off as a victim, but it would be interesting to hear what she was told by modeling agencies and what she’s doing now for work (besides writing a book).

4. Some actual confessions

The title has the word “Confessions” right in it, so hopefully this isn’t just about Courtney playing the victim or wanting to be cute and funny — hopefully she takes ownership of some of the things she said and did to turn people against her. Did she just go on the show to boost her modeling career? Did she really have no idea the other girls or viewers would turn against her? If so, why not? Didn’t she do any research on the show, how reality TV works, or the kinds of people who watch The Bachelor? It’s not The Real Housewives of Roseville — snarky aloofness, competitive wooing, and NSFW skinny dipping aren’t usually welcome with this crowd. Fans tend to embrace the sweet, cute, funny, relatable girls who get along with everyone in the house, whether those girls make for good TV viewing or not. Courtney didn’t really expect a franchise that was here for 15 seasons before she showed up to suddenly bend to her personality, right? She was TV “villain” gold — did she not know, or care?

5. Please dish on Arie!

Right after Courtney and Ben called it quits, Courtney started casually dating her fellow Scottsdale, Arizona resident (and Bachelorette 8 kissmaster) Arie Luyendyk, Jr. At the time, she told Life & Style, she “didn’t want to jump from one public relationship to another,” but “Arie makes me laugh so hard, and he’s adorable, so I’m going with it.”

In January 2013, Arie confirmed that he and Courtney had stopped seeing each other. However, it wasn't exactly a Ben breakup. "I want everyone to know she got a bad rap on The Bachelor and truly is an AMAZING person but we just both wanted more private relationships," he wrote. "I wish her the best and I hope we'll remain friends.”

Last year, when first teasing this book, Courtney said her memoir would be rated PG-13 and “pretty steamy.” "It would be like 100 Shades of Grey,” she said. “I’m a hopeless romantic. That’s been the main theme in my life… I’ve had great relationships. Work is work, but I am happiest when I’m in a healthy, happy relationship.” Hopefully she dishes on the good stuff, like her brief happy relationship with Arie. Maybe he wants privacy, but he probably wouldn’t mind more gushing about how he’s such a great kisser!

What do you think Courtney should write about? Don’t try saying you don’t care, since you must care a little if you’re here!

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