Courtney Robertson\'s Bachelor Tell-All Hits the NY Times Best Seller List!
Courtney Robertson’s Bachelor Tell-All Hits the NY Times Best Seller List!
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Courtney Robertson’s Bachelor Tell-All Hits the NY Times Best Seller List!


Well, Courtney Robertson may not have come here to make friends, but she certainly made quite a few fans with her first tell-all! The author of I Didn’t Come Here to Make Friends: Confessions of a Reality Show Villain released her super juicy memoir/inside scooper on June 24, and is already making the kind of lists we’ve only dreamed of. (No, we’re not talking about the notches on Ryan Gosling’s bedpost. At least, not right now…)

“Got exciting news today! I Didn’t Come Here to Make Friends hit the NY Times Best Seller List! Thank you all so much for making it possible,” Court tweeted on July 2. Wow, that is a crazy honor, we must say, and we are totally happy for the Season 16 Bachelor winner, who ended up having quite the tale to tell about ex-fiancé Ben Flajnik.

The book is currently running up the charts of Amazon’s hot new releases as well (#63 as of press time), showing that her popularity is stronger than ever, even though she got a bad rap during her show’s airing. We suppose that’s putting it a touch mildly, as some stars are still on her about the way she behaved during her stint.

In fact, O.G. Bachelorette Trista Sutter got into it with both Courtney and the reality star’s co-writer Deb Baer on Twitter, when a fan pointed out Court’s real talk about the Season 1 Bachelorette. Although Trista came out with claws blazing, writing "I'd rather be at fault for poor use of spell check than for treating people poorly,” Dibs came back at her in a big way.

The former tabloid editor, who also co-wrote Court’s book, told Trista that she was a hypocrite, then suggested that Trista get her facts straight by revisiting the mean tweets the 41-year-old sent Courtney’s way back in the day. We’re not sure if Trista was unwilling to check it out because she was jealous her own book never made the list, but the Twitter battle is pretty good reading, once you finish Court’s memoir…

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