Courtney Robertson Picks the Best and Worst Bachelor — Ben Flajnik Doesn’t Make the Cut!
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The Bachelor

Courtney Robertson Picks the Best and Worst Bachelor — Ben Flajnik Doesn’t Make the Cut!

The days are numbered until Courtney Robertson’s super-salacious tell-all I Didn’t Come Here to Make Friends: Confessions of a Reality TV Villain hits shelves, and her interview machine is in full spin. The latest installation into the canon of Courtney? Her talk with about the best and worst of Bachelor Nation.

We first met the Bachelor Season 16 winner back when she was vying for Ben Flajnik’s heart, but when it came time to name her show superlatives, his name was nowhere to be found. Though Court admits she didn’t watch the show much before going on, she says it’s “so much fun” to tune in now, as all of her behind the scenes knowledge adds another layer to the experience.

The last few seasons of the ABC show have been rather polarizing, to put it mildly, and Courtney is split on the Bachelors. Her favorite is Season 17’s Sean Lowe, who she says was “clearly ready to find love and get married.” In what might be a veiled barb at Ben, she says that Sean’s sincerity is what came through during his time on-screen.

“I felt like he handled it really well, he came off like a really great guy — now they’re married,” Courtney declares. “I think Sean was the best of all time. Now that I’ve been on the show I watch how people handle the media and their social media and he does such a great job.”

No one should be surprised by her call-out for the worst — unless you thought her ex would land at the top of the list. Though the 30-year-old has friends in common with Juan Pablo Galavis, Courtney points out his language barrier, adding that some of his comments “rubbed people the wrong way.” Most offensive to her? His ninth-inning cop-out from an engagement to Nikki Ferrell. “[J]ust the ending alone, like, ‘I have a ring in my pocket, but I’m not going to use it!’ That’s kind of why we watch for 12 weeks and I think the most satisfying moment of the whole show is seeing you get engaged. I was kind of cringing, and even the After the Final Rose was hard to watch too.”

Current show star Andi Dorfman gets major props from Courtney, whose sister Rachel is a lawyer, like the 27-year-old Atlantan. “I think Andi’s the best Bachelorette I’ve ever seen to be honest.” Her beauty and brilliance get props, as does her quick wit. Andi’s “definitely asking the right questions,” she says. Hmm, perhaps she’s hinting at her own shortcomings on the show?

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