Courtney Robertson on Trista Sutter Drama: “She Treated Me Like I Was Nothing”
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Courtney Robertson on Trista Sutter Drama: “She Treated Me Like I Was Nothing”

First we had Paris versus Lindsay, then it was Kristin versus L.C., and now we have… Courtney Robertson versus Trista Sutter? Yeah, we’re not sure how to pick a team on this Bachelor/ette feud, but nonetheless, it looks like it’s one that won’t be settling down anytime soon.

As social media-savvy fans of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette might know, these two ladies have a bit of a history of Twitter mud-slinging — originating, it seems, from O.G. Bachelorette Trista’s end. Now, Courtney is sharing more insight into their beef in a new podcast with Molly McAleer.

During the chat, Ben Flajnik’s ex spills on the negative reactions she received from fellow Bachelor Nation-ers while she was appearing on Season 16 — namely from Trista, who even got a mention in Court’s best selling tell-all, I Didn’t Come Here to Make Friends.

While host Molly immediately jumps to calling Mrs. Ryan Sutter a see-you-next-Tuesday, the model-author was a little more civil in her explanation. “The funny thing about it is, I don’t know her personally, and I’ve never said a bad thing about her,” Courtney says. “I’ve never been nasty to her, and she has continuously made me a part of her tweet banter — even after my breakup, she was chiming in on my breakup.”

Court then relays how painful her public split from Ben was, stating that Trista “was the last person I wanted talking about something so personal to me.” And while the reality star recalls the one time they did meet briefly, she reveals that it was not a great experience.

“She really went after me and said some pretty nasty things about me, and she never gave me a chance,” Courtney relays. “When she had the opportunity to meet me, she just treated me like I was nothing.”

The drama has since continued after Court’s book was released, as she says Trista refuses to be open-minded about her. “She’s formed this huge opinion of me from a highly-edited television show. We have mutual friends. She’s never given me a chance.”

One person who she says was “amazing” to her during her Bachelor season’s airing was Ali Fedotowsky, whom Court says was very open-minded on Twitter and never bashed her.

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Source: Plz Advise with Molly McAleer